On this episode, we take you through our experience of writing specifically for the Radio format, creating ads that worked in perfect conjunction with the ” Stay Close to Work” video campaign.

Radio is an exciting and timeless medium. But it’s also plagued with a severe lack of care in the production of quality advertising, which is why it is also synonymous with busy, loud and incomprehensible radio spots that are hard on the ears.

How do you go about writing a radio ad that will truly stand out from the noise? That is exactly what this episode is dedicated to: Best practices and tips that will guide you and hopefully even inspire you to write radio content that will jump out at your customers and leave a desirable impact on them.

Tips to make your radio ad stand out –

6:00  #1. Don’t be lazy. Write for the format.

Copy Format is the act of writing copy or content that suits and conforms with the idiosyncrasies of a particular advertising medium.


10:54  #2. Harnessing the power of the “Human Imagination”.

12:50  #3. Have multiple conversations.

18:17  #4. Radio is a message reinforcement medium, not a call for action.

21:27  #5. Budget well for a radio campaign ad.


Links :


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References to the video campaign can be found on last week’s episode –
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