Lazaro is a Vertically Integrated Brand Consultancy.

We provide an end-to-end service. You might recognise us as an amalgam of a Brand Consultancy, Marketing Consultancy, Advertising Agency, 360˚ Design Firm, Accredited Media Firm, Film Production Company, Commercial Photography Studio, Web Development Company, Application Development Company, Social Media &smp; Digital Marketing Agency and many more.

We develop strategy and implement Film

We develop strategy and implement Photography

We develop strategy and implement Websites

We develop strategy and implement Print Design

We develop strategy and implement Mainstream Advertising

We develop strategy and implement Brand Identity

We develop strategy and implement Digital Marketing

We develop strategy and implement Social Media Marketing

Lazaro is a Vertically Integrated
Brand Consultancy We develop strategy and
implement Film Photography Websites Print Design Mainstream Advertising Brand Identity Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing
We believe your marketing and advertising tools should integrate well and collectively serve to mitigate your business risk.
You shouldn’t have to juggle multiple creative agencies to accomplish this.
Focusing on just an ‘artefact’ like a Logo, or a Website, or just Digital Marketing, doesn’t help reduce business risk.
How do we achieve this?

Ongoing Strategic Consultancy Start by signing up with us for a minimum of one-quarter. We'll run collaborative strategy events with you and your team; To clarify your business objectives, budgets and timeframes. To formulate an ‘Integrated Solution’ to serve a ‘Defined Outcome’, and to estimate a ranged implementation cost.

Implement Tactical Kits Based on the ‘Integrated Solution’ and the ranged estimate; Our in-house cross-vertical team designs Marketing and Advertising Kits. We then implement these kits as a single window service.
Podcast Follow our weekly video podcast. We take you behind-the-scenes and expose structures that we use to tame a wide Sales Funnel without a Large Sales Team. to accelerate go-to-market timeframes. to set you up to sell products and services at a premium. to reduce the risk of failure at a sales executive level. to shrink the time taken to convince a potential customer. to articulate hidden value in your product. to optimise sales and marketing budgets. to penetrate existing markets and develop new markets. to increase word of mouth and referral sales. to reduce your risk of being indiscernible amongst competitors. to shrink time and explain complex concepts, using video.
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