On this episode, we discuss how you can go about creating compelling advertising that can make you Stand Out within a crowded market without any USP. We take you behind the scenes on how we took a common industry hook and put a spin on it.

You may be a brand producing an excellent, qualitative product that is loved by your customers, however, you may be part of a large industry filled with competition who are equally good at what you do. Does this sound like you or your company?

03:20 – What if “Standing Out” is something that you don’t necessarily want but in fact need to do.

04:38 – Example of a client. Goyal&Co. a company willing to take the bold step of Standing Out.

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05:42 – Establishing the common industry hook.

06:34 – Putting a Spin on that common industry hook.

The Campaign: Stay Close to Work ( I Love Traffic )

07:34 – Part 1 – Stay Close to Work – Kumbh Mela

08:45 – The guys behind Goyal&Co.

09:15 – How the campaign impacted Bangalore and the city’s response to it.

11:00 – Choosing Video as a Medium.

11:36 – Behind the Scenes.


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