This week we continue with Part 2 of our exposition on Personal Brand. This week Mark meets up with Leslie Quadros (Canterbury Castles) for a chat about his experience with taking the plunge into developing and honing his Personal Brand to amplify his family business.

The conversation evidently grew beyond the boundaries of the topic and is laced with interesting viewpoints on subjects such as family businesses and the general trajectory of our Indian Economy.


0:19 –  Part 1 – Recap

1:53 – Who is Leslie?

2:50 – Consolidating the family business.

Tell us about the family business. (4:12)

Taking the decision to voice the brand (4:54)


Canterbury Castles – Documentary Film


8:06 – Building legacy with storytelling.

9:00 – Amplifying what needed to be communicated while maintaining the essence of the brand.

Simplifying the brand story. (9:24) 

9:38 – Challenges faced in consolidating inputs from each family member, each equally attached to the brand.

9:56 – The decision to drop certain details. (Not linking Canterbury Castles to the flagship business based in Muscat)

10:37 – The logic behind the decision to voice the brand.

11:25 – The need for our generation to revamp our family businesses.

14:13 –  The need for more Home Brands in India.

Could you reflect on the experience of re-voicing the brand? (14:48)

How did the new semi-automated sales funnel work? (15:15)

20:52 – Brand positioning and talking to the right customers.

23:52 – Closing statements

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