Why do marketing strategies fail to work? This week, we discuss three insights that can help you make better decisions in this space. Also, we attempt to define “full-stack” marketers – who they are, what they do, and how they can serve a crucial role in building your marketing strategy.

00:47 Who is this for?

02:49 What is a “full-stack” marketer?

03:07 How film directors are much alike full-stack marketers

07:27 The gamut of skills that a full-stack marketer has

09:08 Origin of the “full-stack” marketer

09:45 The current state of decision-taking during marketing strategy

11:09 Insight 1 – Find your breakthrough opportunities

13:29 Insight 2 – Breakthrough tactics are like equations

14:50 Case study – Goyal & Co.

16:25 Insight 3 – Breakthrough tactics have a limited lifecycle

18:06 Closing remarks

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