If you’re someone who is on the verge of building a new website or know someone who is looking to build a new website, stick around because, on this episode of the Lazaro Podcast, we talk about the right reasons to build a new website.

A lot of the times customers would come to us look to revamp their website and we would find out that not too long ago they had just gotten someone to build this website for them. But unfortunately, they felt that the ‘Key Performance Indicator’ that they put in place was not positively affected, or that the website isn’t bringing in enough leads, or the customers are losing interest or the fact that a lot of the times their website looks just like their competitors. If this sounds like you, it’s quite possible that your website is stuck in a template.

02:45 – Symptoms indicating the fact that your website is stuck in a template.

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03:35 – Identifying the 3 meanings of the word ‘Template’.

#1. CMS Template – referring to any ‘Content Management System’ like WordPress or Squarespace etc.

#2. Industry Standard Formats – replicating the content and navigation structure of your competitors.

#3. Front-end Frameworks – like Bootstrap, Foundation by Zurb, Semantic UI

04:58 – Responsive Websites made easy with Front-end Frameworks.


05:45 – What are the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving a functional website.

#1. Abundance of Front-end Frameworks.

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#2. Developer is lazy or doesn’t care enough about your product.

#3. Projects with Low Budgets.

#4. Websites being built by Agencies / Website Farms.

#5. Taking a Navigation-first Approach to websites.


08:18 – RECAP

What really matters

08:53 – How to approach a web developer with your product.

#1. Differentiate your product.

#2. Design a better ‘Product Exploration Experience’.

#3. Establish a level of trust with the help of your website.

09:27 – How can a website establish trust on a company/product?

Best Practices

10:04 – 5 things to keep in mind when building a new website.

#1. Prioritize User Experience over User Interface.

10:32 – Difference Between UX and UI.

#2. Avoid the ‘Navigation First Approach’.

#3. Hire people who can bridge the gap between Design & Technology.

11:54 – How to choose a website developer.

#4. Avoid using Front-end frameworks in their vanilla form.

#5. Create interesting Layouts with Grids.

13:45 – DEMO: Grid layouts inspired by print design.



#6. Be realistic about your Timeframes and Budgets.

In conclusion, build awesome and meaningful websites, and share them with us. 🙂