On this episode of the Lazaro Podcast, we address the topic of how you can use ‘Design Thinking’ to directly drop your company’s Operating Costs.

A lot of people associate the term design to be a thought process that is limited to the realms of the superficial. That is far from the truth.

On this episode, we demonstrate how Design and Design Thinking is a powerful paradigm to directly affect your finances.

02:47 – We start by defining what ‘Design Thinking’ is.

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7 places to look for potential savings:

05:05 – Here’s a checklist to spot printing related operating cost leaks.

The examples in this episode are targeted towards companies that tend to do a lot of custom printing throughout the year, whether it be Stationery, Visiting Cards, Letterheads and so on


#1. No defined list of these documents.

#2. Not printing in bulk.

#3. Staff downtime as they react to printing requirements.

#4. Lack of your staff’s technical knowledge of printing.

#5. Reaction based responses cause errors, resulting in rejected print orders.

#6. Mismatched visual vocabulary across orders.

#7. This affects your brand value.

Design Thinking and the REVA University.

08:05 – We identified this problem at a large scale for the REVA University, and the 14+ colleges that come under it.

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14:30 – How we finally ended up solving this problem.

15:38 – Online application demo: Creating a visiting card.

20:08 – The benefits of this exercise.

21:52 – Online application demo: Other print artifacts in this system.


23:32 – We ended up with a solution that eventually helped the organization mitigate business risk.


25:00 – TED Talk – Benjamin Zander – The transformative power of classical music