This week we dive deeper into the same subject and quantify the value of a website as a salary paid to an employee. When you stop thinking of a website your website as a ONE TIME COST, you can make good decisions.

Here’s a Checklist:

1. Try and give your website a Designation. Will just one suffice?
2. Create a list of Sales and Support SOPs for your website to follow .
How many SOPs do you think you need?
3. How many departments is your website going to work in?
4. Write a mock HR Policy for your website.
5. Now, after all that, what would you pay your website, if it was an employee?

0:22 Watch Episode 013 (Recap) –  How to Intelligently Spend a 100,000 Dollars on a Website


1:55 Business Model couldn’t support a Large Sales Team
2:36 A website that was the ‘Best Sales Manager’ that money could buy.
3:07 A Reliable Fall Back
3:26 24 Hour Customer Service
3:55 More quality time spent on ‘Real Customers’

Cost analysis of a website and an employee, qualifying the cost behind $100,000. (4:15 )

5:22 Impact on Customer Experience (How it contributes to Brand Value)

Dasta’s Pricing Engine (6:34)

6:50 Purchasing an Apartment in India – A complex and manpower intensive process.
7:20 The onboarding process is the equivalent of playing Jenga and Tetris at the same time.

SOLUTION – Augmented the onboarding process with an online tool. (7:50)
8:00 Breakdown of the ‘Pricing’ page.
8:50 Reduced Human Error and improved Employee Morale
9:46 Saving Operating Costs – Empowering customers with common tools to onboard themselves.

11:02 Episode Summary


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