Approachable, blunt and intelligent – is the 3-word reckoner that we used to describe LivingWalls, a real-estate start-up in Bangalore.

LivingWalls broke a lot of norms in the real-estate space. They didn’t simply redefine, but they relegated the words “premium” and “luxury” to a lower status.

In this episode, we break down the positioning strategy that we devised for them. Also, we go over the many challenges that were faced and overcome in conceptualising their ad campaign; the creative, technical and budgetary constraints we had to work within.


00:00 Recap

01:52 LivingWalls ad #1

03:54 Challenge #1 – Unit Price (vs) Average Ticket Value

07:07 Challenge #2 – Setting the brand apart from the industry

09:47 Challenge #3 – Preventing a small sales team from being overloaded

13:23 Challenge #4 – Small budgets meant no room for error

17:48 LivingWalls ad #2

19:29 Challenge #5 – Very limited budgets to build advertising assets

25:44 Closing Statements


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