You make extremely sound and sturdy skateboards. Your primary audience is young adults between the ages of 18 to 22. But you’re not driving any sales because your ads only showcase the level of engineering and the scientific precision that goes into making them, and the safety features that come with it. There’s no mention of the colour and joy that it brings when riding on one of them, and the extent of customisation you can make to it. You need to understand your market and align your personality with theirs. Only then will you be able to reach out to them and speak their language. That’s this week’s topic – how to position your brand so that your advertising can be turbo effective.

Also, we feature LivingWalls – a real-estate startup for whom we created a highly effective ( and polarizing ) ad campaign that personified their brand.

00:15 A different take on advertising

02:27 What is brand positioning?

04:51 Step 1 – Determine what your company’s capabilities and strengths are

05:27 Step 2 – Define your market

05:45 Step 3 – Decode how your competition is positioning their brand

06:15 Step 4 – Create a character sketch for your company

06:56 Step 5 – Compare this sketch to the average personality of your ownership

07:45 Step 6 – Summarize learnings into a 3 word reckoner

08:43 Recap

10:01 Case Study – LivingWalls

13:40 Closing

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