There is a desperate need for a shift away from the existing ‘business-vendor relationship’ that companies have with the creative industry. This episode is possibly one of our most controversial yet. We hinge the entire episode on the current status quo of the creative industry.

It is a reality that we acknowledged a while ago, which resulted in us building a full-stack, vertically integrated agency that has enabled us to restructure our partnerships with clients. Turning them into much more healthier, mutually beneficial interfaces that result in a partner-oriented outcome, rather than just vendor-oriented deliverables.


00:26 – Who is this for?

02:46 – Argument 1 : Reversing the Trend of Fragmentation.

04:08 – Argument 1 : Example Scenario.

06:42 – Argument 2 : Is there Value in the Sum of the Parts.

07:14 – Does the Creative Industry know what they’re selling?

07:34 – Argument 2 : Example Scenario.

10:34 – Non-Recurring Marketing Investment.

11:24 – Argument 3 : The Lost Value of Recursive Improvement.

13:48 – 4 Key Insights.

15:58 – Argument 4 : Don’t start with keywords like innovative, creative, fresh and new.

20:10 – Conclusion : Do all Creative Industries need to start taking risk?

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