Millennials! Join us as we take you behind the scenes at Lazaro and show you what we’re doing to address this phenomenon. On this episode, we’re accompanied by Aroushka D’Mello, the youngest ‘generalist’ onboard, as she recounts her experience of working in a multidisciplinary team.

The cards are stacked against them. Take the mathematical probability, for example — there are 350 million youth in this country, each of them is exposed to an exponential number of choices and even more confusion than the previous generation. On top of that, there’s the internet and social media exposing them to a million different definitions of success, inevitably creating more confusion. These two factors and a few dozen more are why companies and industry leaders have a massive problem with millennials and they’re not addressing this situation like they should be.

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02:59 – Intro to Aroushka.

05:12 – Identifying with the ‘G’ word. Being a ‘generalist’ vs a ‘specialist’.

07:20 – Aroushka’s multidisciplinary education.

09:02 – How Aroushka came to be part of the Lazaro team.

12:34 – Braintust.

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15:10 – The Bagpack project.

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21:22 – Closing Statements.