In this two part episode, we help you understand what goes into building a 100,000 dollar website and why it’s a worthy investment.

We introduce you to one of our clients, Dasta and show you how we designed a custom ‘3 Stage – Approach’ to their website by understanding their product. We break this down further and introduce you to a wide variety of assets like a countdown clock, ad films, a documentary, diagrams and calculators that were built to enhance both the story-telling and the website experience.

It is custom built content around your product that makes your website substantial and not the user interface on it’s own.



0:14 Who is this episode for?

2:44 Introducing ‘Dasta’

3:47 Problem 1 :  We started by benchmarking the Industry. (Dasta was a small builder that who needed differentiation in a crowded market.)

3:56 Common patterns from websites in the Real Estate industry.

5:43 Built a custom 3-Stage, content formula.

For Dasta we Identified the 3 Stages of a potential Resident and divided the content into, based on the customer journey (6:03)

6:12 The Building (Stage 1 in the Sales Funnel – For someone who’s just shopping around.)

6:32 The Apartment (Stage 2 in the Sales Funnel – For someone who’s considering buying an apartment in the building.)

6:59 The Engineering (Stage 2 in the Sales Funnel – For a customer who is curious  about how the product is built.)

How did we priorities information into these 3 bins? (8:45)

8:56 The positioning principle of Transparency.

9:15 Dasta Concerto – Everything is Online – Home


Customer Triggers and USPs

10:07  The Jali – Elegant & Functional Facade

10:37 Basement – Comfortably Park a BMW 5-Series

11:09 100% Vastu Compliance

11:29 Amenities/ Clubhouse/Swimming Pool, Amphitheater

12:00 Unified Grid – Designed For Everybody.

12:44 The Modifications – Supercharge Your Home

13:47 Kitchen

14:16 FAQs

14:30 Days to Delivery, the countdown Clock

15:01 Dasta Concerto – Countdown Clock – Car

15:32 Water Availability

16:38 Water Documentary

16:47 Diagram

17:10 Calculator

17:28 Water Ad Films

18:40 Recap on the website content approach

19:07 What did we spend a 100,000 dollars on?

19:54 Keeping the Customer Updated

20:16 Monthly Report

21:23 Conclusion

22:18 On Episode 14….


Links :

Dasta Concerto – Everything is Online – Home

Dasta Concerto – Countdown Clock – Car

Dasta Concerto – Water (Ad Film 1)

Dasta Concerto – The Water Management System