On this episode, we discuss four negative belief structures, which you need to go about weeding out of your company. So that you can create an atmosphere that enables you to develop a globally relevant brand.

This episode is not intended for brands that are already global, but rather for the startups, the SMEs ( Small and Medium-sized Enterprises ), the family businesses and every brand in India who is not a global brand but who exist in a market of global brands.

03:10 – Point 1: Stop Thinking in the Pond.

04:12 – Unlike street cricket, in business, you can’t make up your own rules.

05:52 – Point 2: Stop comparing yourself to just your closest competitor.

07:50 – Point 3: Stop blaming your customer.

10:04 – The unwritten responsibility of Marketers, Companies & Brands.

10:34 – Examples of Companies and Brands that have affected culture.

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11:56 – Point 4: Stop being racist.

13:30 – Example of how local players can start to become globally relevant.

15:02 – Example of Japanese companies, who’ve gotten past their personal biases to start to become globally relevant.

16:10 – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos being interviewed by Walt Mossberg on how Amazon entered China vs. how they entered India.

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17:54 – Recap

Why are we talking about Building a Globally Relevant Brand?

19:08 – Indian in the knowledge economy and it’s relevance in the global market.

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19:37 – What word describes Brand India?

21:05 – In 2017 Indian Brands are expected to spend close to Rs.61,204 crores on Advertising.

21:23 – In 2015–2016 there has been close to 1.53 million registered companies in India.




21:59 – Our Charter of Responsibility.