No matter how awesome your advertising is, no matter how many Cannes Lions it wins. It is a waste of energy, time and effort if your Marketing Funnel is broken. On this week’s episode, we go about discussing this messy reality that a significant number of Brands and companies are neck deep in.

We also present you with four constructs that you can use to start mending and systematically evolve your marketing funnel into a robust and dependable mechanism.

00:04 Who is this episode for?

01:55 Understanding the nature of a ‘Marketing Funnel.

The Four Constructs

Honesty and Authenticity (03:02)

1. No room for deception and ambiguity. (03:20)
2. Authenticity – Does your marketing funnel truly represent your company? (04:48)

The lack of authenticity presents itself in 2 ways
05:37 a. A noticeable lack of care.
06:20 b.Inconsistency (6:20)
06:53 The involvement of a creative agency.
07:34 The elevator example.
09:30 Marketing funnels have changed with the internet : Dealing with an anonymous consumer

Build trust to counter anonymity. (12:04)
12:15 Websites : The Digital Equivalent of an Elevator Pitch.
Dealing with anonymous visitors and the medium being non-linear.
1. Mitigate non-linearity in your storyline (14:08)
2. Don’t overcrowd your website to drive your SEO (14:34)
3. Reflect the same level of authenticity in your offline experience. (16:32)

Value your conversions over your leads (18:07)
19:31 Companies need to get comfortable to share their failures with their creative partners.

Don’t ignore the human component. (21:25)


25:05 Conclusion
26:00 Recap of the Four Constructs



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