We collaborate with our clients to disrupt their industries. We are not mere consultants, we strategise, custom design and implement all the touchpoints on the ‘customer journey’

Simply put, we provide an end-to-end service. Under the broad spectrum of the industry, you might recognise us as an amalgam of a Brand Consultancy, Marketing Consultancy, Advertising Agency, 360° Design Firm, Accredited Media Firm, Film Production Company, Commercial Photography Studio, Web Development Company, Application Development Company and many more.


We accomplish this with a set of vertically integrated companies

Lazaro is a family owned and run venture. We have a combined experience of more than 70 years in allied fields. The oldest company in the group was incorporated more than 30 years ago.

The control over the entire lifecycle is achieved by being vertically integrated. This empowers us to not only consult on the direction of your brand and customer experience, but also design and implement all the different elements that are involved in implementing it. We regularly operate through 4 entities to accomplish this.

  • Lazaro Advertising Pvt Ltd

  • DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd

  • DCAM Solutions

  • Marketing & Advertising Services Pvt Ltd

The benefits of working with us align with the outcomes we pursue

  1. Optimise and reduce sales and marketing budgets
  2. Penetrate existing markets and develop new markets
  3. Increase word of mouth and referral sales
  4. Sell products and services at a premium
  5. Exude a relevant essence of communication, value and service by crafting the ‘customer journey’

We are hard at work solving the conundrum of failing old school brand building techniques

Having an accurate sense of foresight is our USP. The current business need revolves around solving the conundrum of failing old school brand buildings techniques. We are carefully testing and crafting the future of brand asset building. Keeping the next 20-30 years in mind, we have formulated water-tight gameplans to equip our clients for the present and the future.

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